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Does your project call for curved, bent or flat shapes? The endless colors, finishes and textures, as well as its modern aesthetic make ACM (Aluminum Composite Material) Wall Panels and Arning’s proprietary DecoShield®  popular design choices among today's architects.

ACM can be formed into any shape or design, provides an eye-catching, low-maintenance finishing touch for buildings, canopies, and signs. Arning Companies fabricates wall systems using ACM panels from ALPOLIC® along with other manufacturers. No matter what the shape or finish, Arning has ACM wall panel systems that can meet your individual project needs.

Arning’s premier ACM wall panel system is DecoShield®. Developed by Arning Companies, DecoShield® is a Pressure Equalized Rain Screen (PERS), which is unique in utilizing a single continuous extrusion system. When using the DecoShield® product line, installation crews have a much easier time installing the new image, saving valuable time on installation and material costs for most ACM projects.

At Arning we know the importance of first impressions. That is why our team focuses on your ideas from the very beginning of the design process. Our goal is to ensure that your customers see how much pride you take in the image of your company.


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